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Our Favorite Jewelry for Lovely Leos

Brilliant Earth - 3 hours 24 min ago

It’s Leo season!

Leos are fire signs represented by the lion and ruled by the sun. Those born under this sign are natural leaders and known for their confidence, creativity, and irresistible charm. Some famous Leos include Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Anna Kendrick, and Jennifer Lopez – all excellent examples of this dramatic, creative, self-confident, and powerful fire sign.

In celebration of Leo birthdays, we’ve compiled our top fine jewelry picks for those born under this bold zodiac sign.

Diamond Clusters

Leos are known for their big personalities that love and demand attention. Sparkling diamond clusters will appeal to Leos’ dramatic side, since they offer eye-catching brilliance. Bubbly and joyful, diamond clusters also mimic Leos’ effervescent, fun, and energetic way of interacting with others. Leos will also gravitate toward the warmth and unique beauty of yellow gold settings.

Fiery Gemstones

Red, orange, and other warm-toned gemstones are a great fit for passionate and bold Leos. Rubies are the July birthstone, making them an especially thoughtful gift for Leos born that month. The rich and luxurious hues of citrine and garnets will appeal to Leos who love the allure of standing out from the crowd.

Uniquely Sophisticated

Leos are natural-born leaders: they don’t follow trends, they set them. Unique takes on classic silhouettes and settings are excellent gifts for this zodiac sign, since they love being on the forefront of what’s next in fashion. Leos also like to be perceived as elevated and sophisticated, so sleek yet uncommon diamond jewelry is the perfect choice for celebrating their ambitious and commanding personalities.

Vintage and Antique

What could be more perfect for a Leo than a one-of-a-kind vintage fine jewelry piece? Leos will love the drama and history of a vintage ring, pendant, or pair of earrings. Not only will they love that their jewelry has a unique story behind it, but also that they will own a style truly unique to them.

Final Thoughts

Which look is your favorite for Leos? Let us know your favorite styles in the comments below or on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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15 of our Most Popular Rings for Our 15 Year Anniversary

Brilliant Earth - Thu, 07/30/2020 - 19:51

We are so excited to be celebrating our 15-year anniversary this month!

In August 2005, Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg founded Brilliant Earth because they believed that exceptional quality, ethically sourced jewelry can be an effective tool for social change.  They saw the unethical and irresponsible mining practices that confront the jewelry industry today and wanted to set a new standard for transparent and responsible sourcing.

From our Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds, recycled gold, blockchain enabled diamonds, FSC certified packaging, membership in the Responsible Jewelry Council, the personalized shopping experience of our showrooms, industry-leading virtual features, and award winning designs, we are so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past 15 years.

In celebration of our anniversary, we’re looking back at 15 of our most engagement ring designs, from the beginning to now.

2005: Wide Band Solitaire

In the early 2000s, engagement ring wearers gravitated to traditional solitaire styles and lustrous white gold surged in popularity.

2006: Cathedral

Sleek precious metal bands were still all the rage in 2006. In the classic cathedral setting, the center gemstone is framed between elegant archways that gently taper upward towards the center gem.

 2007: Bezel Setting

With a growing affinity for sleek metal designs, the bezel setting fit in perfectly in 2007. A bezel setting features a stone that is fully surrounded by a thin border of precious metal, which holds the gem securely in place. This setting accentuates the gemstone for a contemporary look.

2008: Princess Cut

A nod to the 60’s, princess cuts reigned as the most popular fancy shaped diamond.

2009: Trellis

Features interwoven prongs that secure the diamond low in a basket. A more feminine departure from the wide solitaire settings, trellis settings bring even more emphasis to the center diamond.

2010: Sculptural Shapes

The sculptural rings that gained popularity in 2010 have clean lines and an understated glamour that still perfectly suit a contemporary style.

2011: Classic Halo

Halo designs with traditional round and cushion shaped diamonds were especially sought after in 2011, likely because of their romantic, timeless look that mirrored the style of Kate Middleton’s stunning royal ring from her wedding to Prince William that year. Halo rings have remained popular through the last decade, particularly because the halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond appear larger and more dazzling.

2012: Vintage Inspired

Vintage inspired engagement rings feature unique elements found in one-of-a-kind antique rings—such as hand engraving, milgrain, filigree, and ornate embellishment.  These styles gained popularity in 2012, a distinctly different trend compared to the sleek and simple rings popular in 2010 and 2011.

2013: Nature Inspired

Curving lines, delicate leaves, and flower motifs evoke the earth’s beauty in nature-inspired engagement rings.  One nature-inspired design that truly thrived in 2013, the Willow Diamond Ring, features wispy vines of precious metal and marquise diamond buds that bring the center gemstone to life.

2014: Twisting Silhouettes

In 2014, nature-inspired designs were reimagined as simple twisting vines that offered sleek sophistication and symbolized the intertwined lives of a married couple.  With entwined strands of diamonds and lustrous precious metal, the Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring and Chamise Diamond Ring create enchanting patterns that are elegant and chic.

2015: Distinctive Halos

While classic halo rings have been trending for many years, couples in 2015 sought a truly distinctive take on this style, updating the traditional design with elements like scalloping and floral patterns.  A great example of this trend is the Alvadora Diamond Ring, which features lavishly detailed latticework, a halo of diamond accents, and milgrain detail on the shoulders and gallery.

2016: Colored Gemstones

The desire for a distinctive ring carried over from 2015, with 2016 highlighting colored gemstones.  People gravitated towards an engagement ring with a vibrant sapphire or other colored gemstone as the center stone, helping it stand out from more traditional diamond engagement rings.  These distinctive gemstones lend an eye-catching and unique look to solitaires and other more traditional engagement ring settings.

2017: Rose Gold

2017 was all about rose gold for brides seeking a distinctive twist on a classic style and those drawn to the warm metal’s vintage look.  This alluring pink hued gold is universally flattering, and its soft warmth is particularly suited for a modern twist to classic diamond engagement rings or romantic, vintage-inspired looks.

2018: Pear and Oval Shapes

In 2018, people took note of celebrity engagement rings, and embraced elongated diamond shapes like pear and oval.  Pear shaped diamonds are a beautiful fusion of the traditional round brilliant and marquise shaped diamonds that create a stunning teardrop shape.  Oval shaped diamonds are an ideal choice for those who love the dazzling brilliance of a round cut, but desire something more unique and elongated.  Celebrity engagement rings that inspired that year included Ariana Grande, Sophie Turner and Cardi B with gorgeous pear-shaped inspiration, and Devon Windsor, Zoe Kravitz and Hailey Baldwin for unique oval shaped styles.  Though the trend first took shape in 2018, it’s holding strong in 2020, with an extra focus on elongated shapes.

2019: Contemporary Take on Three Stone Rings

Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement, three stone engagement rings have been gaining a lot of attention!  As the name implies, three stone rings, which are said to represent a couple’s past, present and future, boast a center gem accented by two diamonds or colorful gemstones on either side. 2019 saw increased interest in contemporary takes on a timeless three-stone engagement ring, with fancy-shaped accent gemstones including baguettes, trillions and pears paired with elegantly thin bands.

2020: Hidden Details

Who doesn’t love an element of surprise?  Hidden diamond halos, diamond accented galleries, and other unique details crafted beneath a ring’s center gemstone add extra sparkle and uniqueness to otherwise understated styles. These beautiful hidden touches are a trend that we know couples will continue to love far beyond the start of this new decade.

Final Thoughts

Here’s to many more years to come! Which of these fan favorite styles do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below or on our InstagramFacebookTwitter.

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Former Baselworld Organizers Create Digital Platform HourUniverse

JustLuxe - Thu, 07/30/2020 - 11:46

Those lamenting the end of Baselworld can rest easy knowing that MCH Group, the trade show organizer behind the well-known event, has instituted an entirely new hybrid platform called HourUniverse.


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The History and Meaning Behind August’s Birthstone

Brilliant Earth - Sun, 07/26/2020 - 19:50


Celebrate the August birthday in your life with the gift of peridot birthstone jewelry!

Known as a symbol of opportunity and prosperity, this vibrant yellow-green gemstone is beloved by many. Read on to learn more about what makes peridots so enchanting!

Peridot Gemology

Peridot is a rare gemstone that only occurs naturally in one color. It is a form of Olivine (think olive green), a mineral composed of magnesium and iron.  With the inclusion of outside elements, certain gemstones can occur in every color of the rainbow. The August birthstone, however, only comes in subtle shades of green. It will never be blue, red, purple, orange, or anything else! It is unique in its specificity.

All peridots came to exist on Earth in one of two ways: they either formed deep underground at high temperatures or caught a ride on flaming meteorites (called pallasite meteorites). Peridot from asteroids is extremely rare and valuable, but lucky for us, the United States has a steady supply of peridots made underground. Brilliant Earth sources our stunning peridots from the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, where Native American community members revere the land and use low-impact mining techniques. These gemstones provide Native Americans with safe, secure livelihoods in an otherwise isolated area.

Peridot Birthstone History And Meaning

Peridots have been steeped in myth for thousands of years. Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), an ancient naturalist, first recorded the existence of peridot on a small island off the coast of Egypt. He originally called the stone “topazios” and described it as a gem that was commonly green but also occurred with yellowish tones. He named that island Topazios, after the gem, but it was later renamed St. John’s Island or Zabargad. This island was closely guarded by the ancient Egyptians because it was thought to be the site of priceless treasures. It is widely believed that some of Cleopatra’s famous emeralds were actually peridots!

The Egyptians called peridot the “gem of the sun,” and some thought that it protected against nightmares. It was also believed to bring the wearer confidence, power, and general good luck and health. Peridots are also closely connected to the Hawaiian culture—they are thought to be the tears of the volcano goddess Pele. The sand on the Big Island’s Papakolea Beach is a rare and beautiful green hue due to a high content of crushed olivine.

August Birthstone Jewelry

Peridot ranges in color from yellowish lime green to deep, earthy olive tones, making them a very sought after jewelry choice. These gemstones are a wonderful option for those who love green gemstones but are looking for an option at a lower price point than emeralds. Certain shades of peridot can easily be confused with emeralds! When set against lustrous sterling silver, peridots can show off their fresh, vibrant sparkle.

If you are looking for a piece of unique jewelry for someone born in August (even if that’s you!) consider our Silver Peridot Twist Pendant or our Silver Peridot Stud Earrings.  One famous fan of peridot earrings is the Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate, who has frequently been seen in a pair of peridot, blue topaz, and diamond earrings.

Vintage Peridot Jewelry

Vintage peridot jewelry is frequently found from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau eras. King Edward VII (for whom the Edwardian era is named) declared it his favorite gemstone, which made it a popular choice for his subjects. Art Nouveau era jewelers favored colorful, semi-precious stones like peridot.

Caring For Peridot

Peridot is durable enough for everyday wear in jewelry, but should be treated with care to avoid scratching. Clean your peridot with mild soap and warm water.

Final Thoughts

Happy birthday August babies! Cheers to you and your green, ancient, cosmic, birthstone!

Tell us what you love about peridots on InstagramFacebookTwitter, or in the comments below!

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Bobâs Watches âFresh Findsâ Vintage Auction â 1960s Sports Watch Edition

JustLuxe - Sat, 07/25/2020 - 04:25

Bob’s Watches is proud to present the latest installment of our ‘Fresh Finds’ series of buyer’s premium-free auctions. Sh


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5 Rings Inspired by Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth - Thu, 07/23/2020 - 21:17

Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring via Instagram @ddlovato

Demi Lovato’s got it bad, baby! The singer and actress announced her engagement to actor Max Ehrich on her Instagram.

The couple got engaged in a romantic beach proposal captured by celebrity photographer Angelo Kritikos, and her announcement included a shot of her megawatt emerald diamond ring. Her stunning engagement ring features an estimated 8-10 carat emerald cut diamond set on a platinum or white gold band. The trapezoid shaped accent diamonds on this three stone engagement ring are approximately 0.75 ct. each for the total carat weight of this ring coming in at an astounding 9.5 – 11.5 carats! Fancy shaped diamonds (and emerald cut rings in particular) are a huge trend we’re seeing among celebrities.

A week before Demi’s engagement announcement, Brooklyn Beckham proposed to girlfriend Nicola Peltz with a stunning emerald diamond ring with a diamond accented band. Other A-list celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, and Amal Clooney sport this stunning step cut diamond shape.

If you love Demi’s glamorous and romantic three stone engagement ring, read on for our favorite three stone emerald engagement rings inspired by her look!

Embrace Diamond Engagement Ring

Like Demi’s glamorous ring, this setting also features trapezoid shaped diamond accents embracing the center gem.

Opera Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy shaped diamond side stones are a major trend, and the large pear shaped diamond accents of this ring setting add gorgeous sparkle to the overall look of the center gem.

Piper Diamond Engagement Ring

Sleek and sophisticated, captivating baguette diamonds are prong-set and vertically aligned in this elegant ring.

Quinn Diamond Engagement Ring

Elegant tapered baguette diamonds frame the center gem on this gorgeous ring. This classic style is also reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s iconic emerald diamond engagement ring.

Esprit Diamond Engagement Ring

Uniquely beautiful trillion diamonds hug the center gem for a modern and geometric style.

Final thoughts

Congratulations to Demi and Max! Which of these emerald diamond three stone rings would you choose? Let us know in the comments below, or on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth - Wed, 07/22/2020 - 17:38

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds remain the most classic choice, but sapphire engagement rings are becoming an increasingly popular trend – and for good reason!

Read on to learn more about why we love sparkling sapphire engagement rings.

Your Choice of Color

@sofia_caug wears an oval peach sapphire in our Opera Diamond Ring setting in 14K rose gold

While most people are familiar with sapphires being a rich royal blue color, what you might not know is that sapphires come in virtually every color in the rainbow! Perhaps inspired by Blake Lively’s pale pink oval engagement ring or Princess Eugenie of York’s pink sapphire, pink and peach sapphires have been having a moment in the last few years. These pink gemstones are flattered by the rosy hues of rose gold and yellow gold. Other sapphire colors like teal, green, lavender, orange, and yellow also offer the option to create a beautiful engagement ring style that is uniquely yours. Of course the traditional deep blue color of sapphires is a stunning choice as well, and we’ve seen a rise in couples choosing blue sapphire engagement rings inspired by Kate Middleton’s exquisite royal blue halo engagement ring.

A Larger Center Stone for Your Ring

@urbangrid wears an emerald cut blue sapphire in our Luna Ring in 18K white gold

Sapphires are usually less expensive than diamonds of similar shape and carat weight. Because of this, white sapphires are a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. For couples looking to maximize the size of their center stone while staying within a certain budget, opting for a sapphire can make a big difference.

Made to Last a Lifetime

@schokkalatte wears a round teal sapphire in our Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring in 14K rose gold

While diamond is the hardest mineral with a 10 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness, corundum (the mineral family for sapphires and rubies) is the next hardest with a rating of 9. Because of its toughness, sapphires are great gemstones for everyday wear and jewelry pieces that will get a lot of use like engagement rings. Sapphires also do not have “cleavage,” meaning they do not easily break when struck. At-home care for sapphires is also relatively simple, and regular cleanings with warm, soapy water are all it takes to keep a sapphire center stone sparkling.

A Beautiful Accent Gemstone

@rebeckytang wears our Aria with Sapphire Accents Ring in 18K yellow gold set with an asscher emerald

If you like the look of sapphires but would prefer a diamond or other gemstone as your center stone, sapphire accent stones can be beautiful way to incorporate both. Sapphire wedding bands are another option for adding “something blue” to your bridal set.

How to Create Your Own Sapphire Ring

@mynameswasalexab4itwascool wears a blue oval sapphire in our Lotus Flower Diamond Ring in 18K yellow gold

To create your custom sapphire ring, choose a sapphire from our collection and add it to the ring setting of your choice. Virtually try-on your favorite combinations to see how your sapphire engagement ring will look on you!

Final Thoughts

Would you choose a sapphire engagement ring? Let us know your favorite sapphire colors and styles in the comments below or on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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7 Emerald Engagement Rings Inspired by Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz

Brilliant Earth - Mon, 07/20/2020 - 21:34

Nicola Peltz’s Engagement Ring via Instagram @nicolaannepeltz

A quarantine proposal for the ages! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.

Nicola’s elegant and timeless ring features an emerald cut diamond held with sleek claw prongs and set on a delicate band decorated with sparkling pavé diamond accents. Her ring is on trend with what we’re currently seeing among celebrities including J.Lo, Jennifer Lawrence, Amal Clooney, and Amanda Bynes who have also opted for large stunning emerald diamonds in the past few years. Brooklyn’s mother, Victoria Beckham, is also known for her stunning collection of engagement rings, several of which feature emerald diamonds or gemstones! Brooklyn opted for what appears to be an approximately 4.5 to 5 ct. sparkler as the center of the ring for actress and model Nicola Peltz.

For fans hoping to emulate Nicola’s elegant style, we’ve rounded up our favorite lookalike rings below!

Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring

This dainty ring features sheer sparkle that extends halfway around the ring. The peg head setting makes the center gem appear to float above the delicate band.

Luxe Viviana Diamond Ring

This classic engagement ring features sparkling scalloped pavé diamonds that extend three-fourths of the way around the ring. A diamond adorned gallery and graceful claw prongs embrace the center gem.

Demi Diamond Ring

For extra sparkle, this elegant engagement ring features a glittering hidden halo of diamonds that wraps around the center gem. A petite band complements the gallery for an elegant, chic look.

Ballad Diamond Ring

This classic engagement ring features sparkling scalloped pavé diamonds that extend one half of the way around the ring. The center gem appears to float above the delicate band.

Arbor Diamond Ring

Shimmering scalloped pavé diamond accents lead to cathedral shoulders that elevate the center gem. A diamond accented gallery wire and bridge add a unique flair to this elegant setting.

Elena Diamond Ring

This timeless setting features a petite diamond band that tapers up to embrace the center gemstone in delicate claw prongs.

Luxe Elodie Diamond Ring

This classic engagement ring features shimmering diamond accents that flow half of the way around the band. Surprise diamond accents adorn each of the center prongs, surrounding the center gemstone in an aura of light.

Final Thoughts

Which of these classic emerald diamond engagement rings is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, or on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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‘At First I Didn’t Want to Show My Face’

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/17/2020 - 09:05
Three Black jewelry designers talk about thriving in an industry that hasn’t always embraced them.
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Buying Fine Jewelry on Instagram (Without Tears)

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/17/2020 - 09:04
Eager to order a new sparkler? Here are some tips to help make it a pleasant experience.
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Jewelry Is Ready for Its Close-Up

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/17/2020 - 09:02
Luxury houses are finding advantages in hiring their own videographers to create proprietary content.
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A Birthday Gift for a Princess

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/17/2020 - 09:00
An antique bracelet once owned by Princess Margaret was auctioned for almost $210,000 last week.
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The Tiffany Infinite Strength Campaign to Donate $2 Million for COVID-19 Relief

JustLuxe - Tue, 07/14/2020 - 08:13

The world has been changing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the little things we used to take for granted seem so important nowadays.


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His & Hers Wedding Bands

Brilliant Earth - Tue, 07/14/2020 - 00:08


There are countless options for wedding rings these days—for women and men alike. The variety of styles available provides ample opportunity for brides and grooms to express their individuality and taste through their wedding band selection. Many couples see the symbolism of matching wedding bands as a way of honoring their marriage and commitment.

History of Matching Wedding Bands

Although wedding rings and jewelry date back to ancient Egypt, it wasn’t until World War II that grooms started wearing wedding rings more routinely. Soldiers found that wearing a wedding ring was a nice reminder of the enduring love and commitment back home.

Since then it has become expected that married men will wear a ring. Interestingly, England’s Prince William chose not to wear a ring upon marrying Kate Middleton, but it seems that his wife doesn’t mind—after all, it’s not as if other women don’t know he is married.

What are Matching Wedding Bands?

Matching wedding bands are those that a bride and groom select together to align on design, style, and compositional components. Generally, matching wedding bands incorporate some or all of the following:
– The same precious metal: platinum or gold (white, yellow, or rose)

– The same finish: such as high polish, matte, or hammered

– The same motif: such as a Celtic symbol or heart

– The same gemstones or design elements: diamonds or sapphires, milgrain, braiding, and more

Classic Matching Wedding Bands

Many couples love the classic elegance of matching wedding bands in plain precious metal, whether platinum or gold (in yellow, white, or rose). Even if you want simple bands, there are still details to agree upon—whether you like a ring that has rounded edges or if you prefer a more contemporary band with straight edges, and if you like the shine of a high-polish finish or prefer a smooth and matte finish.

When you pick matching precious metal bands, the groom’s ring will generally be a bit wider than the bride’s ring to accommodate the difference in hand size.

Detailed Matching Wedding Bands

Just because you want your rings to match does not mean you need to skimp on detailing and style! The details in your matching wedding rings can be as minimal or as elaborate as you want.

Examples of simple details include a milgrain border or an inlay, a subtle ridge in the precious metal band. A hammered finish can also add texture for a more interesting and unique look.

More elaborate details might be an antique scroll design, a braid, or Celtic knots. To really add some brilliance to your matched wedding rings, consider adding diamonds or other gemstones. A very thin vertical row of diamonds or sapphires is a popular option for men who want a band with gemstones.

The Most Romantic Matching Rings

For wedding bands that match in the most personal way, consider engraving either the outside or the inside of the bands with the wedding date, a song lyric, your monogram, or other words of significance to you as a couple. You can have the rings engraved on the inside, to be your little secret, or on the outside for all of the world to see. Another matching element that many couples love is having their fingerprints imprinted on the inside of one another’s bands as a special way to personalize their rings.

Coordinating Wedding Bands

If you like the idea of having a wedding band that is similar to your fiancé’s, but don’t necessarily want them to completely match, there are many ways to coordinate your wedding bands without matching. You and your fiancé can select one or two design elements to match, such as precious metal choice and finish, but choose some elements that differ to illustrate your individual styles and identities. Here are some unique ways to create coordinating his and hers rings:

– If you love the look of milgrain, his ring could have a subtle milgrain border, while hers features milgrain and exquisite diamond accents.

– If you love diamonds or sapphires, his ring might feature a single gemstone or a small vertical row of gems, while hers features gems all across the band.

– You could choose the same metal in different textures (say, hammered white gold for him, smooth white gold for her) or different metals with the same texture (matte platinum for him, matte rose gold for her).

– Another sweet option is to choose a favorite romantic phrase or saying and have the first half of it engraved on one ring, and the second half engraved on the other. For example, the groom’s ring could read “I will love you . . .” while the bride’s reads “ . . for a thousand years.”

Custom Wedding Bands

If you crave matching wedding bands that are entirely unique, consider having them custom designed. Our jewelry experts have helped couples design a wide variety of beautiful and personal custom wedding bands, including rings with special designs, rings featuring colored precious gemstones like emeralds and purple sapphires, and nature-inspired rings bearing images of leaves and even sea creatures.

Adding Anniversary Bands

Sometimes a woman feels torn between wanting a wedding band that matches her soon-to-be husband’s, and craving a ring with a little more sparkle, like a diamond eternity ring. Keep in mind that you can have it both ways, by choosing a plain precious metal wedding band, then later adding a diamond anniversary band to celebrate a milestone anniversary or another special occasion, like the birth of a child.

A wedding ring is the most basic and absolute symbol of your commitment to your spouse. Whether you decide to select matching wedding rings, coordinating bands, or completely individual styles, pick what you love—you will wear this ring for as long as you both shall live!

Browse our complete collection of couples rings.

Final Thoughts

What pair of wedding bands to you like best? Let us know in our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!


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A High Jewelry Season With a Difference

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/10/2020 - 09:05
Some houses showed partial collections, others went digital or even delayed — and Boucheron captured the moment.
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Bonding Over Jewelry

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/10/2020 - 09:04
Gem X, a private jewelry social club, was started by two friends who “felt it would be fun to start planning our own events” that go inside the trade.
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Hair Today, Jeweled for Tomorrow

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/10/2020 - 09:02
With online emphasis from just the shoulders up, why not wrap a necklace around your topknot or use an ornamented headband?
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Bulgari Adds Vaccine Research to Its Creations

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Fri, 07/10/2020 - 09:00
A multimillion-euro fund initially will benefit doctoral students at Oxford University.
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Quiz: Which Precious Metal Should You Choose?

Brilliant Earth - Wed, 07/01/2020 - 19:56

When it comes to finding your dream engagement ring, one of the first steps is deciding which precious metal suits your individual style preferences and personality.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the precious metal for your engagement ring. From classic and increasingly popular yellow gold, to romantic rose gold and ever popular white gold, each precious metals have something unique to offer. Take our quiz to discover which of lustrous precious metal is the perfect choice for your engagement ring!

Final Thoughts

Which metal is the perfect choice for you? Share your results with us on our InstagramFacebookTwitter, or in the comments!

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What’s Your Sign? Our Jewelry Picks for Cancers

Brilliant Earth - Wed, 07/01/2020 - 03:01

Cancers, born between June 21st and July 22nd, are cardinal water signs represented by the crab and ruled by the moon.

Those born under this sign are known for their emotional intensity, intuitiveness and compassion. If you are a Cancer or know someone with an upcoming birthday, we think that passionate, elegant and strong Cancers will adore these fine jewelry styles.

Sparkling Sapphires

As a water sign, Cancers possess a deep inner strength. What could be more natural for a sign represented by an aquatic creature than jewelry accented with sparkling blue sapphires? The ocean-hued stones highlight classic styles and pair beautifully with sparkling diamond accents.

Classic and Refined

Shared prong diamond settings are timeless classics and always in style, making them a perfect choice for Cancers’ chic and refined taste. Delicately sparkling diamond hoop earrings or a sleek bangle bracelet complement Cancers’ sense of elegance.

Cosmic Connections

Ruled by the moon, Cancers are deeply connected to the celestial realm. Some believe that the moon even has a direct impact on their moods! The Crescent Diamond Pendant and Silver Moon Stud Earrings effortlessly represent the cosmic nature of this sign.

Nature Inspired

This sign is inherently intuitive and taps into the natural rhythms of the earth for guidance. Because Cancers find great comfort and enjoyment in nature, jewelry inspired by flora and fauna will suit them perfectly. Cancers will surely be drawn to nature inspired by flowers, vines, and other natural beauty.

Romantic and Creative

Romantic settings like The Tiara Diamond Ring will flawlessly capture the emotional and creative side that characterizes this Zodiac sign. Pair it with the matching Tiara Wedding Band for a harmonious look.

Final Thoughts

Which look is your favorite for Cancers? Let us know your sign in the comments below or on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!

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