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Spring’s Most Enchanting Shell Jewelry

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Wed, 02/19/2020 - 16:00
Rings, earrings, bracelets and more to channel your inner beachcomber — even if summer feels far away.
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Earrings That Flicker With Balletic Grace

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Tue, 02/18/2020 - 18:00
From Van Cleef & Arpels, jewel-and-pearl pieces that all but dance on the ear.
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Pavé Engagement Rings

Brilliant Earth - Tue, 02/18/2020 - 17:00

Diamonds are precious for many reasons—they are rare, billions of years old, and one of the hardest materials on earth—but they are perhaps most revered for how they interact with light.

Twinkling light is captivating, inspiring, and undoubtedly beautiful. Light slows down significantly when it passes through a diamond, and once inside, it bounces, bends, and refracts until it can find a way out. Depending on the way light moves within the diamond, it can disperse into every color of the rainbow. It’s no wonder why diamonds were once thought to be shards of fallen stars. If you crave a ring that shimmers and dazzles from every angle, choose a pavé engagement ring.

What Is a Pavé Engagement Ring?

The pavé setting was created with maximum light and brilliance in mind. To create these stunning rings, accent diamonds are set closely together for a dazzling, diamond-encrusted look. The word pavé comes from the French word for “paved,” so these engagement rings look as if their surfaces have been paved with diamonds, creating a glittering, unbroken expanse of light and sparkle.

Small beads of precious metal are applied in the spaces between the diamonds, securing them in place. The goal of this setting is to cluster diamonds as close as possible with the least amount of visible metal. This setting allows diamond rows to be placed very close to each other, creating a solid swath of diamonds and light.

Pavé Bands

A popular style of pavé engagement rings features a band covered with pavé set accent gems to enhance the center diamond. There are endless ways to integrate pavé set diamonds into your engagement ring’s band. For example, you can choose delicate pavé diamonds surrounded by milgrain for an antique look, or opt for a ring with three rows of pavé diamonds to create a glamorous band of light.

Pavé Halos

Halo engagement rings are becoming increasingly sought after for their brilliance and sparkle. Pavé halos feature a glittering halo of pavé set diamonds encircling a center gemstone, and are a popular option both with glamour-loving brides-to-be and for budget conscious couples, because a pavé halo makes a center diamond look much larger. The accent gems enhance the beauty of the main diamond, reflecting light back and forth in a rainbow of brilliance. Halo designs become even more stunning when the band of the ring is also covered in pavé diamonds, whether the diamonds take the form of a single row, a split shank, or a subtly twisting vine design.

French Pavé

French pavé refers to a method of setting accent diamonds to maximize the amount of light that hits them from the sides, increasing their sparkle. In French pavé settings the metal forms a “fishtail,” or a small U or V shape underneath each diamond, exposing the sides of the diamonds. The Odessa Diamond Ring and the Sienna Diamond Ring are two examples of designs that feature luminous French pavé diamond detailing.


If you love pavé engagement rings but would like your ring to have a very thin, delicate look, consider micro-pavé diamonds. This style features extremely small diamonds in a pavé setting, creating a whisper thin band of feminine shimmer. Micro-pavé diamonds can be set in the band or around the center gem, creating a highly detailed look. The diamonds may be small, but these rings are valued for their delicate beauty, and the masterful skill involved in their creation.

The History of Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé settings have been used in fine jewelry since the 1700s, but were not widespread in engagement rings until the 20th century. You’ll often find Retro engagement rings featuring pavé diamonds, because big, bold designs with lots of shimmer ruled the day during that era.

Famous Pavé Engagement Rings

Celebrities are known for wearing engagement rings featuring eye-poppingly large center diamonds, and those dazzling gems are often accented by delicate pavé set diamonds to further accentuate the rings’ sparkle. Natalie Portman’s engagement ring features a pavé halo as well as pavé diamonds on the band (which is made of recycled platinum—we approve!). Reese Witherspoon’s 4 carat Ashoka diamond ring features pavé accents along the band, as do the engagement rings of famous brides Blake Lively and Katherine Heigl.

Matching Pavé Wedding Bands

Why let your stunning pavé engagement ring be lonely? Pair your engagement ring with a gorgeous matching pavé wedding band to create a solid expanse of shining light encircling the finger. Or, mix it up and pair your pavé engagement ring with a bezel set wedding band or a prong set wedding band for a unique ring style ! Make sure you read up on women’s diamond wedding bands before you buy.

Final Thoughts

Do you adore pavé engagement rings? How many rows of pavé diamonds would your dream ring have? Let us know on InstagramFacebook or Twitter, or in the comments below!

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Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Couples and Rings to Match

Brilliant Earth - Sat, 02/15/2020 - 01:12

Here at Brilliant Earth, we love following celebrity couples, and frankly, who doesn’t! Research firm SEMrush recently shared some of the most searched for celebrity couples, those still together and those who have come and gone. We’ve taken inspiration from this research and looked back at some of our favorite celeb couples and the unique engagement ring styles they’ve rocked.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here’s a list of America’s top 10 favorite couples and the engagement rings they’ve popularized!

10. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Queen Bey and her husband Jay-Z rank on a most searched celeb couple list. Music industry royalty as individuals, together they make the ultimate power couple. Although the two originally got matching tattoos instead of wedding rings, when Jay-Z did put a ring on it, he chose a split shank style ring featuring a whopping emerald cut diamond, estimated to be between 18 and 24 ct. and valued at $5 million! You can copy Bey’s style by setting our Fortuna Diamond Ring with an emerald diamond.

9. Kate Middleton and Prince William

Christopher Furlong Getty Images

A different kind of power couple, the ninth most searched celebrity couple is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. As most people interested in the royals know, William proposed to Kate in 2010 while on a trip to Kenya which his mother’s gorgeous sapphire halo engagement ring. Sapphire and other colored gemstone engagement rings have been a growing trend among royals and celebs alike, and we don’t anticipate it slowing down anytime soon! Create your own sapphire ring worthy of a royal on our website by setting a large oval sapphire in a halo ring setting.

8. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Instagram @arod

J Lo has met her perfect match in A-Rod, and the ballplayer popped the question with an enormous emerald cut diamond ring, ringing in at about 10 cts. In addition to Jenn’s stunning ring we’ve seen other celebrities rocking the emerald cut look, including Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé, and Amal Clooney. Her ring also features tapered baguette accent diamonds, a trend we anticipate in 2020.

7. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Noel Vasquez GC Images

Who doesn’t love Jackie and Kelso together?  This aspirational couple’s story is so compelling because of the seemingly fated nature of their relationship – Ashton was Mila’s first kiss, both on screen and in real life! Additionally, their open and good natured sense of humor around their relationship makes them a fan favorite celebrity couple. Classic platinum solitaire rings like Mila’s will never go out of fashion, and continue to be some of our most popular engagement ring styles.


6. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Instagram @sophiet

Congratulations to the Game of Thrones actress and Jonas Brother, who just announced they are having their first baby! The two began dating back in 2016 when Joe slid into Sophie’s Instagram DMs. This Millennial intro, as well as their secret Las Vegas wedding at A Little White Wedding Chapel officiated by an Elvis impersonator, are just some of the reasons this couple is so relatable and beloved. This “Jonas Sister” sports a pear shaped double pavé banded halo engagement ring, highlighting the recent popularity of fancy cut diamonds. For a similar style, consider our Linnia Halo Diamond Ring with a pear shaped center diamond.


5. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Vogue Mexico

The newlyweds have finally settled down after knowing each other for over 10 years, and Justin put a giant oval cut diamond ring on it. Large oval diamond engagement rings are hugely popular at the moment, and we believe it’s in no small part due to Hailey’s gorgeous ring.


4. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Jon Kopaloff Getty Images

Did you know that Blake Lively’s ring may have inspired Hailey Baldwin’s ring? In 2012 Hailey tweeted “If my ring isn’t as big as Blake Lively’s I don’t want to get married.” Looking at the two, it’s easy to see the similarities. Blake’s gorgeous engagement ring embodied trends that have endured since their marriage back in 2012: large oval center diamonds, pavé diamond bands, and rose gold. Her oval diamond weighs in at about 12 ct., and its slightly pink hue shows off the rising trend of colored diamond and colored gemstone celebrity engagement rings.


3. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Getty Images

Beating out their royal in-laws Kate Middleton and Prince William by 130% more searches, Meghan and Harry have a love story people are totally fascinated by. An American actress marrying a prince is like something out of a Disney movie or romance novel, and the story continues to resonate with people. Three stone engagement rings have had a resurgence in popularity since Meghan received one from Harry – which includes two heirloom diamonds from his mother, Princess Diana, and a center cushion diamond from Botswana. Meghan updated her original yellow gold engagement ring to one with a thinner band covered in pavé diamond accents, in a similar style to our Lyra Diamond Ring.


2. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Kevin Winter Getty Images

Although being split for over a decade, the interest in this iconic celebrity relationship has only seemed to grow as the duo have been (platonically) spotted together over the past year. The former couple first revealed their engagement after only a few months of dating, when they went onstage at a Sting concert in 1999 with Jennifer wearing a beautiful, swirling engagement ring similar to our Venus Diamond Ring setting.

1. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Instagram @KylieJenner

Despite their relationship ending back in October 2019, the couple was searched 338% more than Kylie’s sister Kim and her husband Kanye West, making them the top of the list. Although the couple has been frequently rumored to be engaged or secretly married, this was never confirmed in their over two-year relationship. However, with Kylie sporting a huge diamond ring on the all-important ring finger throughout their time together, it’s not a stretch to guess that this could have been an engagement ring. The ring Kylie has been spotted wearing features an elongated cushion cut or emerald cut diamond, majorly on trend among celeb couples.


Final Thoughts

Do you have a favorite celebrity couple? Let us know on our InstagramFacebookTwitter, or in the comments below!

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The Offbeat New York Jeweler Trying Something Entirely New

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 16:00
Inspired by a serendipitous vintage find, the Foundrae designer Beth Bugdaycay is getting into glassware.
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On Broadway, the Art of Adornment

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:12
Fans of the Jewelry Library, a small reading room and gallery, say it fills a gap in New York’s jewelry scene.
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London’s Jewelry ‘Garden’

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:10
Hatton Garden has long been known as the center of Britain’s jewelry trade. Now, independent makers and small businesses are trying to ensure it keeps that role.
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Delfina Delettrez on Twisting the Rules

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:08
The designer has developed her own approach to fine jewelry. Upside-down gems, anyone?
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Spinel: ‘The Great Impostor’ No More

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:06
Long considered a kind of poor man’s ruby, the gemstone has come into its own.
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Pearls Are Forever

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:05
The organic gems are soft and easily damaged. But suddenly they are the most trendy engagement ring centerpiece around.
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Putting Your Name on It

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:03
The French jewelry brand Atelier Paulin is just one of the luxury businesses focused on customizing its products.
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Echoes of Scandinavia

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:00
The Sami bracelet, created from reindeer leather and metallic braid, continues to attract fans.
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Shopping for Accessory Storage

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:00
Treasured jewelry and accessories deserve safekeeping. Don’t just dump them all in a bag.
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In Diamonds, Brown Is ‘Much More Mysterious’

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:00
The Italian jewelry house Pomellato is featuring the stones in a new collection.
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Bulgari Rocks Its Design

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:00
Studs in yellow or rose gold now adorn a version of the jewelry house’s B.zero1 collection.
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5 Rolex GMT's from Bob's Watches That You'll Drool Over

JustLuxe - Wed, 02/05/2020 - 11:45

For more than sixty years, the GMT-Master has been a favorite for both first-time buyers and seasoned collectors. Today, it is regarded as one of the most desirable luxury watches in the entire world, and is currently available in stainless steel,


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How to Match a Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

Brilliant Earth - Sat, 02/01/2020 - 19:55


Below, jewelry specialist Stephanie Chan shares the advice she gives Brilliant Earth customers who are trying to decide how their engagement rings and wedding rings should complement each other, and whether to custom design a wedding ring:

Choosing an engagement ring that embodies your unique style, feels timeless, and suits the kinds of activities you engage in on a daily basis can be challenging enough; on top of these considerations, I also see ring shoppers worry about whether they will find a wedding band that sits flush with the engagement ring. When my customers get brow-furrowingly concerned about it, I like to remind them that this decision is like any other they have made in their relationship: Be true to your style and values, and the rest always falls into place. Choose the engagement ring of your dreams, and the wedding ring will work itself out—and we’re here to make sure of it!

The first step to choosing a closely fitted wedding band is determining whether your engagement ring can sit flush with a straight wedding ring. Many classic engagement ring styles are already designed to sit flush with a straight band. Look for an elevated head that allows the center gemstone to sit above the band, like in the Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring and the Halo Diamond Ring with Side Stones.

These styles and similar designs offer the simple option of pairing with a straight wedding band for a close fit. In addition, many Brilliant Earth engagement rings can be purchased as part of a matched set that includes a perfectly coordinated wedding band. But if your engagement ring has an elaborate shape that requires a custom fitted wedding ring, just contact our custom design team—we are happy to help you explore designing a custom piece!

There are a few jewelry design techniques that allow a wedding band to sit flush with the engagement ring: Contouring, notching, and a contouring and notching combination.

Contoured Wedding Rings

A contoured wedding band is designed to match the curvature of your engagement ring. Most frequently, that means a contoured band is shaped at the front to follow the contours of your engagement ring, and then straight in the back.

Contouring is the most common technique for flush wedding ring design, and elegantly accommodates a wide range of engagement ring styles. The Chamise Matched Set above is one sought after example of this option.

Notched Wedding Rings

Unlike a contoured wedding band, a notched wedding band is completely straight. Instead of bending around an engagement ring, the wedding band features a notch that allows the two rings to fit together like puzzle pieces.

A notched wedding band is a great option, but keep in mind that the wedding ring must be wide enough to safely accommodate a notch. The custom design above is a classic example of this style.

Contoured and Notched Wedding Rings

If your engagement ring both has a dramatic, elongated shape (which might be the case if your center gemstone is an oval, marquise, or emerald) and there are very fine details around the center gemstone, your wedding ring may need to be both contoured and notched to create a beautiful close fit.


Pros and Cons of a Custom Designed Matched Wedding Band

A contoured and notched wedding ring will follow the overall shape of your engagement ring, and additionally have notches in the contoured band that allow the engagement ring’s finer details to sit perfectly against it. The custom design above is a beautiful example.
Designing a wedding ring that sits perfectly flush with your engagement ring can have gorgeous results, but there are a few things you should consider. Weigh the pros and cons of creating a flush wedding ring:


  •  Your engagement and wedding rings will fit together beautifully with minimal gap between them. The look of the two complementary rings is breathtaking!
  • If you’ve had trouble with your engagement ring spinning on your finger before, then a flush wedding band style can often help keep your engagement ring more securely in place.
  • Since you plan to wear these two rings for the rest of your life, the extra effort of the custom design process will likely be well worth it.


  • In order to create a perfect fit, our jewelers need to keep your engagement ring on hand for 4-8 weeks while we create your wedding band. We know it can be difficult for a soon-to-be bride to part with her engagement ring, which is why we offer insured and prepaid shipping both ways to help you rest easy.
  • A custom designed wedding ring is not eligible for Brilliant Earth’s complimentary return, exchange, or resize policy, but its quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed under our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty.
  • One potential style concern with a contoured or notched wedding ring is that it may be harder to wear when you take your engagement ring off  (when you’re traveling or exercising, for example). Because the wedding ring is designed with a complementary ring in mind, some women feel like something’s missing when worn on its own. Other women don’t mind the look at all, or simply turn the contoured or notched section around to show the straight back of the ring when wearing the wedding ring alone.

Finally, while the stacked, flush-fitting engagement ring and wedding band have become something of a modern tradition, don’t forget that we are making our own traditions all the time! If a straight wedding ring does not sit flush with your engagement ring, yet you aren’t drawn to a contoured or notched band either, consider wearing your two rings on separate hands. Alternatively, stack the rings on the same ring finger, but wear them with a gap. Either of these approaches recognizes that each of your rings has its own distinct personality, and deserves individual attention.

Final Thoughts

If you have questions about the best wedding band to pair with your engagement ring, contact a Brilliant Earth representative for personalized assistance. We’re excited to help you create a beautiful match!

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Can You Tell Which Diamonds are Lab Grown?

Brilliant Earth - Thu, 01/30/2020 - 15:44


Although grown by scientists instead of created in the earth’s crust, lab diamonds are absolutely real diamonds—they display the same chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds.

Even expert gemologists can’t tell the difference with the naked eye, but just for fun we’re offering you the chance to guess. The engagement rings on this page either feature a lab grown or natural mined center diamond. See if your instincts can determine which is which! Learn more about lab diamonds on our website.

Classic Round Lab Diamonds

If you’re looking for a lab grown diamond in a classic round brilliant cut, you’re in luck, because we have an expansive selection of round lab diamonds. When the process of growing a diamond was first invented, labs were only capable of creating small diamonds, but today you can purchase lab diamonds in large sizes well over 3 carats! (This picture of our 14K rose gold Twilight Diamond Ring features a naturally mined round diamond.)

Lab Diamonds in Fancy Shapes & Colors

Lab diamonds are also available in a variety of shapes including emerald, oval, cushion, radiant, pear, marquise, princess and asscher. If you love colored gemstones, consider a lab created colored diamond in fancy shades like yellow, pink, blue, and orange. (This is our 14K rose gold Willow Diamond Ring set with a lab created emerald diamond.)

Lab Diamonds with Lab Created Accents

If you’d like your ring to feature lab created diamonds or gemstones, you can have a lab diamond set in a ring featuring lab accent diamonds. We also offer wedding bands set with lab created gemstones and diamonds. (This 18K white gold Soleil Diamond Ring is set with an oval lab created diamond with lab diamond accents.)

Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

If you couldn’t tell the lab diamonds from the natural ones, we’re not surprised—and if you could you’re just a lucky guesser! Lab diamonds are created in high-temperature, high-pressure chambers that reproduce the conditions in the earth’s crust. The result is carbon atoms arranged in the structure of a diamond crystal and diamonds that are every bit as magical as the ones created naturally millions of years ago and mined today. (Our 18K yellow gold Primrose Diamond Ring set with a natural princess diamond.)

Attractive Prices

Lab diamonds usually cost about 30% less than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. But these diamonds are every bit as luxurious as their natural counterparts, since their dazzling beauty and durability are the same. It is important to know that there’s a big difference between lab created diamonds and diamond simulants, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. These simulants are not made of the carbon crystals, and do not possess the same brilliance as diamonds. For that reason, simulants sell at much lower prices than lab created diamonds.

Final Thoughts

Browse our collection of lab created diamonds, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you source your ideal diamond.

Do you wear a lab diamond engagement ring, or would you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments section!

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Amethyst: The History and Meaning of February’s Birth Stone

Brilliant Earth - Tue, 01/28/2020 - 14:34


If you’re a February birthday girl, or are shopping for one, you should know that this month’s birthstone is rich in history and meaning.

Amethyst jewelry makes an excellent gift for women born any time of the year, not just February babies! The stunning February birthstone is frequently featured in many gorgeous fine jewelry designs, and is a popular choice for fashion and special occasion jewelry. For all the details on these gorgeous and symbolic gemstones, read on.

Amethyst Birthstone History and Meaning

Gorgeous purple amethysts have been prized since the time of  the ancient Greeks. Because of their grape-like color, the Greeks associated these gems with the wine god, Bacchus. They believed that wearing an amethyst could protect you from drunkenness—in fact the word amethystos meant “not drunk” in ancient Greek. According to gemstone lore, amethyst jewelry keeps its wearer clear-headed and clever. Artist Leonardo da Vinci wrote that amethysts enhance intelligence and protect against evil thoughts.

Because of its rare beauty and the expense it took to create the color for fabric, purple has long been considered a regal color, so amethysts frequently appear in royal and religious jewelry. Buddhists have believed that amethyst enhances meditation, and the gem is often used for Tibetan prayer beads. Various cultures have associated amethyst with peace, balance and courage, and ascribed to it the ability to cure insomnia and relieve pain.

Until the 19th century amethysts were as valuable and expensive as emeralds, sapphires and rubies, but then a large deposit of amethysts was discovered in Brazil. Although this lowered the gems’ financial value, the trove of Brazilian gems allowed large amethysts to be used more frequently in jewelry. They are often found in eye-catching cocktail rings from the Art Deco and Retro eras.

Colors and Characteristics

Amethysts come in colors ranging from deep purple to the palest shades of pastel lavender and even pink. The most valuable hue is a strong reddish purple shade, but we love every shade of amethyst. Lavender hues look particularly stunning in amethyst engagement rings when complemented by diamond accents. Most amethysts have excellent clarity, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye, and are available in a variety of cuts and carat weights.

A type of quartz, amethyst crystals can be huge, weighing more than 100 pounds, and sometimes form in hollow geodes big enough to stand in.

Buying and Caring for Amethysts


If you’re shopping for a February birthday gift, amethyst jewelry is a can’t-miss choice. Consider elegant amethyst stud earrings, a gorgeous amethyst ring, or an amethyst pendant. Big, beautiful amethysts frequently appear in antique cocktail rings—a gift any woman would love—browse our selection of antique amethyst rings for some ideas!

With a score of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale (10 being most durable), amethyst is strong enough for rings and daily wear, but some care should be taken to protect it from being scratched by rough materials. These gems can also be damaged by some acids and alkaline solutions (so don’t wear an amethyst ring while using household cleaners). Clean your amethyst jewelry with mild soap and warm water. Ultrasonic cleaners are safe unless an amethyst has had fractures filled (which is rare), but steam cleaning is not recommended. For more information on buying and caring for your amethyst jewelry, please contact our jewelry specialists.

Final Thoughts

Do you love amethyst jewelry? Whether or not you have a February birthstone, make sure to browse our most sought after amethyst rings to find your favorite, and let us know on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, or in the comments below!

Sources: Gemological Institute of America, American Gemological Society

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He Says Jewelry Offers ‘Heart-Shaking Inspiration’

NY Times Jewels and Jewelries - Sat, 01/25/2020 - 10:00
And Kazumi Arikawa, considered one of the world’s foremost collectors, wants you to feel it.
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